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refurbishing hsbxl:


which main functions do we find important in the hackerspace, what's to keep (brainstorm session TechTue95

  • we forgot one: sleeping - some sleeping spots can be great
  • electronics corner / scope & tools
  • stockage (longer term)
  • tables for laptop/general work (clean desk)
  • table for meetings
  • projection screen/ whiteboard
  • be able to have a workshop easily with +- 15 ppl
  • administrative desk (+ place to store paperwork, financials etc, printer etc)
  • couches / lounge
  • fridge / beverages
  • minimal kitchen / food
  • party/bar
  • library
  • hardware area (mill + necessary tools & scrap)
  • internet / network installation
  • electrical installation
  • tables for projects (be able to work on project for bit longer time)
  • personal member box storage
  • fire extinguisher / first-aid


how can all these things find a place in the hackerspace, what new infrastructure has to be built ?

after the previous TechTue95 meetup we came up some basic ideas & sketches -- these will be further presented (on each TechTue we'll do a quick update.

front room[edit]

  • on the left side: the electronics desks & hardware area -- the mill will move towards the corner (not next to the window where it is now, but in the corner sided with two walls)
  • above the desks we'll build a stockage area : we build metal frames and fix them into the wall (done - 2-3 of june)
  • the area on the right will be populated with tables -- to be easily (re)movable / projection screen (hanging from ceiling) and whiteboards against the wall.

middle room[edit]

  • the shelves on the left (containing junk & books ftm) will be emptied - we have to find a suitable container to orderly arrange & label the stuff we want to keep (cardboard boxes, from ikea, or, or alike)
  • the shelf mounted in the corner on the right can be used as (member-box) storage / long term storage
  • administrative desk/network stays where it is now (mezzanine, left)
  • on the mezzanine, right side we build a shelve for books against the wall and install some small couches to become library + television (homecomputer(s) / gameconsole etc)
  • build a bunk bed where the black seater is now ? just some wooden platforms where ppl can sleep (if they take camping matress & sleepingbag)

kitchen room[edit]

  • fridge /bar as it is now
  • long term: gas boiler for heating + stove to cook some


  • electricity box moves there
  • datenklo for eventual servers /long term projects