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Power distribution box
Tesla, here we come

This project describes the plans to build a power distribution box. Participants: Christophe, Askarel, You?

Power enters in 3 phases and is splitted into normal power sockets. Sockets are separately fused and general security is provided by a 3-phase differential.

Hardware Specs[edit]

Hardware I/we have:[edit]


  • 2x circuit breaker 16 amp - 2 poles (Vynckier Series E C16)
  • 1x +-17cm fuse-rail

Don't know[edit]

  • 2x female 3 phase red socket (16A-6h 380V Mennekes) (See notes)
  • 1x male 3 phase red socket (16A-6h 380V Mennekes) (see notes)

Not usable[edit]

List here the things that we have but are not required for the building of the distribution box.

  • 1x fuse/circuit breaker 25 amp - 2 poles (Vynckier Series E C25)
  • 1x fuse/circuit breaker 20 amp - 3 poles (Vynckier Series E C20)
  • 3x fuse/circuit breaker 20 amp - 2 poles (Vynckier Series E C20)

Missing Hardware:[edit]

  • 1x male CEE-Form 3 phase red socket (32A 380V), flush mounted, for enclosure
  • 1x 4 poles 16 amp breaker (see notes)
  • 1x 4 poles differential 40A/30mA
  • 4x 2 poles circuit breaker 16 amp
  • 9x female normal power socket flush mounted, for enclosure, with rain cover
  • 3x female 230V/16A CEE-Form socket (blue) flush mounted, for enclosure
  • A box with waterproof lid(s) for the breakers ??
  • wooden construction (needs to be custom-build)
  • isolation-stuff
  • long 3 phase extension cord (5G6 mm2, +/- 20m)
  • 1 male and 1 female CEE-Form plugs for the cable

Fun Extensions:[edit]

  • amp meter
  • rack above/below the power distribution


  • According to the electrical team from HAR2009, 16A 3 phase is not used on the field: they stick to 32A and above as a standard
  • Knowing that, would it be useful to have such sockets on the box ??
  • Will we put a 3 phase/32A red socket for daisy-chaining with another power box ??



Hi, I think I can help you. I'm not a professional, but I have some knowledge about 3-phase electricity and the AREI.

  • 3 phases @ 32A == 22.000W. Think twice, do once, make no mistakes!
  • If you want an amp meter, you will need 3. 1 for each phase (and thus also circuit). If you want to do daisy-chaining, your only way is an (expensive) 3-phase amp meter, as you will need to measure amps between phases too.
  • If you want daisy-chaning, you will need a 4-pole circuit breaker between in- and output connection for security. There is no need for a 4-pole circuit breaker when not doing daisy-chaining as each phase is individually secured. (It offers no advantage or security.)
  • For normal 2,5mm cable, you are limited to 20A (Why do you want 16A?), if you want to design your powerbox for 32A per phase, you can split each phase into 2x 16A for end users.
  • You need to think about the implications of having a 4 pole 30mA differential, instead of 3x a 2 pole 30mA differential. Depends on how you want to use the box and if you can live with a total power loss. ;-)
  • I recommend thinking about adding the possibility to connect your own earth connection, in case it isn't provided through the 5G6mm.
  • How can I join Hackerspace? Johan.