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  • to startup a discussion on possible projects -- please submit your ideas / probable needs (competences, material,..).
  • Later we'll do a rundown in which specific projects ppl are interested & we'll put hsbxl money into
  • Be aware these should be projects you've always wanted to do but can't do on your own...

List of possible projects[edit]

Please add your projects proposals here:

  • Coreboot (LinuxBIOS) on a ABIT BE6-II motherboard (DIP32 chip)
  • Tahoe Lafs workshop
  • Bash scripting workshop
  • Linux From Scratch workshop
  • Circular Polarisation WiFi antenna
  • Fonera JTAG USB
  • Portable PXE server on a Fonera2.0
  • Netbootme (dnsmasq mod on the HSB wifi router+transparent squid proxy)
  • Network simulator based on Vserver
  • Arduino universal remote control
  • Arduino TVB-gone version
  • Belgacom Mood300 hacking
  • Bittorrent over multiple onioncat links
  • Test OLSR with the new ETXFF ethernet metric
  • ikiwiki and other GIT-based wikis
    • Can someone from hackespace.be enable the api.php from MediaWiki? to experiment MediaWiki and Git.
  • Arduino CDC-IO + USB HID
  • GPXE BIOS mod and HTTP booting
  • Ubuntu PPA workshop
  • Ubuntu PPA web interface
  • Make webconfig ajax interface for OpenWRT and Linux kernel compilation
  • Anonet
  • Onioncat
  • rfid cards research: needs rfid reader, antenna?
  • build a reprap
  • sip-server & getting a telephone at hsb
  • lockpicking; lockpicking set & locks
  • (longrange) laser communication (think RONJA)
  • 5ghz 802.11n with a dish and a dual feed (150mbps throughput)
  • longrange wifi connections
  • satellite scanner: a motorised antenna (2 axis), hackable satellite receiver
  • gsm base station
  • magnetic stripe reader
  • a washing machine which heats the water through processors' numbercrunching
  • a walking robot (articulated legs), with computer vision, microphone, ...
  • design a pcb, with a FPGA on it, interfaced with PCI bus (+ fpga code, linux driver), produce some prototypes
  • buy a USRP2, get into software defined radio (de)modulation tech, hack on
  • to establish a direct tcp connection between 2 nodes behind natted firewall (a third, publicly reachable node is available to do the handshaking) -- need to observe the behavior of a iptables firewall when opening new connections & predict src-port numbers used by both firewalls -- hm drop it, it exists, though no reliable solution exists (which wasn't to be expected from such a hack) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Session_Traversal_Utilities_for_NAT - http://samy.pl/pwnat/
  • build a kinda 'logmein' but for linux (tinc/openvpn + vnc + ssh + p2p (no need of a public IP))
  • Forban for OpenWRT - http://www.foo.be/forban/
  • wireless mesh network running on 8-bit controller (jef&mariette)
  • port Android 2 on BeagleBoard
  • HSB Game; 2d platform game with characters & levels based on the crew