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Hackerspace Brussels is a group of individuals. We don't share a specific view on social, political, ecological, personal... issues -- there is no "we", as in political parties or other organizations.

The organisation 'hackerspace brussels' provides infrastructure for creative individuals; one part of infrastructure is the association (vzw/asbl) itself to confirm with Belgian law; another critical part is the physical space(s) and all the tools & goodies in there.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the activities in the space, but if you do so, please stick to the rules that "we" created in consensus during the general assembly meeting. If you join the space, consider these rules as valid unless they are changed in consensus. As we say around here: "We accept patches!".

We are all about making it easy to share know-how, infrastructure, tools & by doing so, making it easier to explore the underlying technical layers of our digitized life.

start exploring!