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The Openbench Logic Sniffer (OLS) is an FPGA-based logic analyzer, supporting 32 probes for probing up to 100MHz signals and advanced trigger functionality. It is a fully open source device — the circuit design, VHDL code for the FPGA.



Grouped order[edit]

We're ordering one for hsb (decided in the TechTue50). Add your name+email below before the 7th of June 2010 if you want to get one too. ptr_ coordinates the buy. See also the announcement on the mailing-list.

  • HSBxl
  • ptr_
  • pastec

everybody pays 50EUR (don't worry, you'll get the change back) -- tuesday 29th March / the money should be at HSB -- the device costs something around 37USD + shipping and tax should be 45EUR or something


got them


firmware + bitstream sourcecode etc. can be found here:

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