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This page is all about internal HSBXL organization for the camp. Main page is here

Who's going there ?[edit]

  • Askarel
  • Betz
  • Ptr_
  • Ddffgghh42
  • Lucas
  • Okso
  • Netrunner

What is going there ?[edit]

How is it going there?[edit]

Have your hardware ready in HSBXL no later than Friday 19 23:59. Your hardware will then be trucked to Voidwarranties to be put on palettes. Your hardware will then be trucked to OHM2013 on the 27.

Your hardware will be trucked back to Voidwarranties on the 6 august and be back in Brussels on the 10.

Things to consider[edit]

Keep last camp notes in mind