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So, we also have a newsfeed. Check it: RSS. This will be the super-official news feed for us. Goal is to post upcoming events to have them promoted and to publish an aftermath of the event.

We discussed to benefits and drawbacks of having a blog and reached a final agreement:

  • we gonna use it to announce bigger events (like openwrt workshop, wbm)
  • to post an aftermath of the event
  • nothing more :-)

list of published stuff

Mezzanine, OpenVPN workshop aftermath

How to set up a newspost?

Step 1

As a user add a news date:

[[news date::Jan 1 2009]]

to any page.

Step 2

Next meeting tell you've made an announcement to syndicate, ask the group for feedback, if it's ok, an admin will promote the page to the newsfeed.

Step 3

A user with administrator rights on the wiki adds your page to the list below. This will cause it to be included in the official feed.


  • Basically everything works: syntax highlighting, flickr images, ...
  • The tables generated by the templates 'events' , 'techtuesday' give issues in some readers.
  • If you want to do a news post, best is to start from a 'new page'. Title of post will be the same as page name.
  • Sometimes you want to see how it's going to look in a rss reader before it gets added to the official feed. Use this RSS-FEED to check how it's going to look.
  • Wrap the noinclude tag around stuff you don't want included in the rss feed.
 teasertext will be visible in the feed
    This text won't be visible in the feed, but will be on the page.

List of pages that have been checked

If you're an admin you can add a page to this list and it will get added to the newsfeed.

Remember also to protect the page you've promoted to the newsfeed.