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Sat 23 Feb 2013 10:30
till Sat 23 Feb 2013 18:00
blinking leds!
HSB garage Brussels,Belgium
need ppl for network team RMLL2013


interested in basics of IP-networking ?
wondering for a great recipy for the 7-layer burito ?
love to stare at green blinking leds ?

     please feel welcome to this  shiny new serie of workshops @hsbxl :


3 consecutive saturdays, starting at 10h30 :
-- Sat 23nd of Feb 2013, 2st of March 2013 & 9th of March 2013
-- doors open around 10h, and go on until everyone got bored.


~ Fee ?

the workshops are free,
but it's strongly advised to do volunteering for the network crew
at RMLL2013 (6-11th of July 2013, Brussels)

   -- we'll need some help there...


~ What & When ?

Sat 23nd of Feb 2013
 - what is an IP packet ?  dissection
 - how does it travel on our local LAN
 - how does it travel to other networks ?
 - little demo (packettracer or other tool).

Sat 2st of March 2013
 - have a look to networking gear : switches  & routers
 - configure a managed switch, checkout VLANs
 - configure a cisco router (static routing, ospf)
 - configure a linux router (static routing, ospf)

Sat 9th of March 2013: 'teh internet game'
  - monopoly style game where each player is an ISP
  - make peering agreements with the other players
  - monitor your traffic
  - ...
  - profit !


~ Where ?

   hsbxl garage -- check

notes & ideas[edit]

the 7-layer burito (containing both onion and mashed potatoe)

Layer 1

  • cables, codes and waves

Layer 2

  • express delivery: a packet for you, sir/mam. (how to unfold a burito and check it's what your ordered from '')
  • the broadcast domain: if you cry, mom comes over to give you milk and cookies
  • a bike-ride through the neighbourhood (ARP: drive through the street & meet the neighbours)

first steps into Layer 3

  • the hierarchy of things / netmask: powers of 10 (one-zero) / zoom-out and see it scale
  • routing : take a bus-ticket to hop over to the big city
  • ports : reading your sisters' post.

the tools :

  • wireshark / tcpdump
  • a little scapy if you want it more spicy
  • cisco packettracer
  • full metal gear (linux routers, cisco router, cisco switches, nortel switches, loads of cables)