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  • Fries, burgers, and Pita
    • La Gare on Av. princesse Elisabeth (walk 500m, direction of the station of schaarbeek == get out of HSB and go right, keep on walking)
    • La Cage on place Verboekhoven (walk the other way)
  • Pizza


  • NightStore: open till 1:30, sometimes till 2:00, across the crossroads of the Lambermontlaan
  • Delhaize: open till 20:00 -- Avenue Emile Verhaeren
  • multiple stores in the neighbourhood of the roundabout (place Verboekhoven / aka 'Cage aux Ourses')

Parking Space[edit]

  • easy option: leave your car home & carpool
  • otherwise try to put your car in the surrounding streets (be sure not to leave valuable items in your car)
  • if you have big things to load/unload from your car, you can ask us to keep the place in front of HSB open (strictly spoken it's not a parking spot, but a tram stop, anyway)


  • there's one at 'place Liedts'
  • other option is near the church of 'Helmet'
  • there is one at the Brusilia tower (in the foot of the building, you have to go inside)


Cash Machines near HSB

Electronics stores in Brussels[edit]