Learn Programming with Python

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Learn Programming with Python
Mon 04 Nov 2013 0:00
till Mon 04 Nov 2013 0:00
Python Workshop for beginners
Learn Programming with Python
HSBXL Brussels,Belgium
U go,

This is the first part of a 4 hours workshop aimed at helping beginners to programming or to Python getting their hands on the language. The second part will take place on the following Monday. Part 2: http://www.meetup.com/OpenTechSchool-Brussels/events/144891682/

Python is this thing called a programming language. It takes text that you’ve written (usually referred to as code), turns it into instructions for your computer, and runs those instructions. We’ll be learning how to write code to do cool and useful stuff. No longer will you be bound to use others’ programs to do things with your computer!

This first workshop will offer complete beginners the opportunity to learn Python using the Introduction to Programming with Python [1] class from OpenTechSchool, and people with some some programming knowledge the opportunity to learn Python by building web applications through the easy Websites with Python Flask [2] class.

It would be great if some coaches could demo some nice uses of Python at the end of the workshop, so please comment if you can show some of the awesomeness you do with it.

[1] http://opentechschool.github.io/python-beginners/en/index.html [2] http://opentechschool.github.io/python-flask/