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a little game, to learn about routing, peering and all that jazz;


each player (or team) will manage one router, and will play a color on the adapted 'monopoly' board.

after an intial setup & explanation of the basics of IP-networks & packet forwarding (routing), the game starts

each player gets 1000 credits to start the game

the media-tycoon (aka 'bank') keeps the rest of the money in the bank

will connect 2 devices to the existing network; these devices will initiate IP-traffic to each other & count the received packets, upon which the player directly connected to the receiving node will earn payment in hard monopoly cash -- so better get this traffic routed;


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next installment[edit]

  • newline 2013, last weekend of march 2013, hs ghent

previous installments[edit]

  • networking 101 workshop / hsbxl


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Subject: the interknot-game : friday 29th at hsxbl
From: pieter heremans <>
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self-proclaimed first(!) hsbxl game night
(want to test out this game idea i had some time ago: think monopoly
but traficking IP-packets instead of houses)

i need (some of) you
5 or more internet-corporative-monopolists-to-be
1 media-tycoon/cash-cow (printing some fake money now)

ingredients will be
hard cash, big contracts / packets / routing
(if you don't know anything about routing, this is perfect to learn)  (nothing there yet, leave yr
nick if you want to play along)