House Rules

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Good rules make good Friends. Every member should at least have read it once, to avoid misunderstandings.

If you come in, say hi 
It's good that we know who is who, and who is here.
If you invite non members, you are host  
This means you are responsible. If you leave, they leave. Or at least ask other members if it is OK for them to take over responsibility.
If you leave, clean your spot, and the spot next to you  
Empty bottles go in the crates. Running projects should be in your member storage.
If you leave, close the door behind you  
If you have troubles with it, ask help.
sleeping at the space is last resort 
only to be done if you are working at the space and cant make it home


There are no passengers on this ship  
only crew members.
We are explorers  
not pirates.
Drinks are in the fridge  
They are cool, cheap, and help us to stay afloat.
fellow members, their privacy, and their equipment.
generally works better then conflict.
The guy/girl mopping the floor  
deserves more respect than the non-existing captain.
Sharing is good  
share your knowledge, creativity, hardware, and code.
Respect is not enforced  
it is earned.
Parrots have no original thoughts  
Think, don't be a parrot.
Truth is usually somewhere in the middle  
Most issues aren't binary anyway. Requantize.
Be excellent to each other.