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Local exchange[edit]

We drag a lot of l00t to our space, things we found, things that get thrown out at work, gadgets ppl got bored of etc.

  • network switches : lot of 16+ ports 3com gear
  • some cisco routers (2600, 3600)
  • electronic components (74HC series)
  • MIPS dev board
  • SUN SPARC (ultrasparc V)
  • HP PA-RISC (b1000, c3000 systems)
  • ethernet cables (TP, cat5)


Put contact details + what y're searching for

  • your name - stuff wanted
Is all electronic trash welcome or is there already abundance for some things? I definitely have some good


A hackerspace gets a lot of hardware donations, not all of these are immediately useful for a local hackerspace, and just collect dust and take valuable real-estate space.

So: why not create a website which maps demand & availability for this hardware and gives ppl an easy way to search for needed hardware (and spaces an great way to get rid of stuff)

Hackerspaces are a great community to kickstart this. Hackerspaces...

  • are quite well connected to other spaces, people travelling from one to another
  • have a local tech community behind them
  • tend to collect quite some junk (== Just UNallocated but oK)

Anybody in for a hack-a-thon to think this idea through / create a first tryout for it?

Also check existing projects like