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Tue 20 May 2014 19:00
till Tue 20 May 2014 22:00
hackbase starting up & get together
HSBXL Brussels,Belgium
ptr_, betz

You can read a description of this project here http://hackbase.be -- basically it's a living/working/ lab we want to create among peers and organisations in the same spirit.

Doors and prep at 18h (probably already in afternoon), startup meeting at 19h.

  • afternoon till before the meeting : prep statutes, list up ideas, prepare the 19h00 meeting
  • 19h00 meeting : see if we get some critical mass & decide to setup and

we sent out this announce today (Sat 17th of May)

All Hands on Deck:
to hackers, makers and like-minded,

We'd like to present our new project in-becoming to you all, the HACKBASE in Brussels :
a shared space where we can live / work / hack, break and make.


Things are getting concrete & practical, so NOW is a moment to act if you're interested in helping to realise this.

// concretely :
* We found a possible space, very close to the center of Brussels, 3000 sq meters of awesome emptiness to build things up
* We are setting up a non-profit organisation 'Hackbase Brussels' to sign the contract (and come up with the rent which is around 3500 EUR/month)
* Now we need more core-members (organisations or individuals) of hackbase to get the money & resources together
  (at the moment we have 4 people who are 100% engaged)

How can you help :
* Step in, engage and come to the startup meeting (over 9000 karma +).
* Connect us to organisations you know could be interested in having a share of the space.
* [as a HSBXL member] Consider voting for the move of HSBXL on general assembly 27th of May).
* Savvy in ASBL/VZW aspects, legal stuff?

if you're into pioneering and starting the first hackbase in Belgium and surroundings:

        come to our first meeting :

        next tuesday 20th of May 2014 at HSBXL
        from 19h00 on

check for further info about this meeting here : https://hackerspace.be/HackbaseStartupMeeting

Please check out the (quick and dirty) pictures here: http://hackbase.be/node/81. We'll organise a visit soon enough to get a better idea.

cu there!
ptr_, betz, n0nime,..

... sorry for the X-posts, you gonna get some i guess ...