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to bring a discussion i had with tazo, hansf, pierre, xflame, proto and others yesterday out in the open (i hope i condensed it well here)

most members of HSBXL seem to see the hackerspace as a casual meetingspace; IMHO this is a nice side-effect of a hackerspace but not it's primary goal (imho the goal being to setup shared infrastructure (space, tools) to make happen what you can't build on yourself in your basement).

  • the space how it exists now limits ppl to work on projects;
  • ptr_'s role in the space (i see lot of ppl talk to me as the boss, which freaks me out, but apparently it's a common fact);
  • involvement of members: a new space will give a new dynamics (eg like in Ghent, everyone has a key, and the space is used 24/7)

We saw four options out of this (add yours!) :

  1. HSBXL searches for another space
  2. ptr_ moves out and hs rents it all for 666.67 EUR/month (what i owe the bank monthly) +costs
  3. ptr_ doesn't move, but stops using the HS as his living room, tags his gear so it's clear what's HS and what's personal -- in return HS pays decent rent (400EUR instead of 125EUR now, costs included)
  4. The core team of people that want to move, decide to do a fork in another space while voidpointer continue with the same concept. Both spaces becomes active under HSBXL.