HSBXL Summer Activities 2012

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HSBXL Summer Activities 2012
HSBXL Summer Activities
Let's plan our activities during 2012's summer to bring new members and improve our public image !

The idea is to plan some weekly workshops during the summer to bring ourselves more members (and therefore more member fees :-p) and improve our public image.

I already have two workshops in project :

  • Blender workshops (starting with a new (and normally last) initiation, then workshops where we'll decide altogether wich aspects we want to study.
  • Initiation to electronics (organized by me but the "lessons" would be given by Pascal.

The exact dates and hours are still not decided (let's talk about it during the next TechTuesday). I'll also try to design a flyer to promote our space and oursummer activities so if you're planning to organize anything as well, let me know ;-)