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About the shop[edit] is an english web shop. Askarel made several orders from them since 2005 without any issue. They have been chosen because payment by bank transfer is possible.

Closing date[edit]

The order will close on 2011-02-11 at 23:59 The order is now closed.

The package has been received. Material will be delivered next techtuesday

Hardware list[edit]

Add your most wanted stuff to the table below:

Who Item link Quantity Unit price
incl. VAT
Total/Paid ?
Askarel [1] 1 20.34 Duh !! :-)
[2] 2 3.56
[3] 2 4.80
[4] 1 14.02
[5] 1 37.88
ptr_ [6] 1 €16.95 inc VAT 20€ received

Payment information[edit]

  • Payment must be received before the closing date or your order will be cancelled !!
  • Add 5€ to the total to cover the shipping cost. The excess will be evenly refunded.
  • Bank account to use: BE71 9730 1074 1469 (Askarel will coordinate this).
  • Communication to use: "LinITX order for <$EMAIL_ADDRESS>"

Additional note[edit]

Since it's the first time we're doing this, we will try to limit the ammount per person to 50~70€.