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Alexandre Dulaunoy, one of the author (along with Michael G. Noll) of GooDiff wants to share a day with some coders (and non-coders), to explore new ideas for and related document tracking. Every ideas, contribution is welcome... forking is also very welcome ;-)

A first version of the software (along with the dataset) will be released during VJ12. That's a good opportunity to see what's possible in the future.

GooDiff development at : (feel free to clone for the Hackathon).


Alexandre is in brussels, on invitation of Constant VZW ( artists organisation in brussels), for the Verbinding/Jonctions festival (12th edition).

@VJ12 Brussels (Sunday 29th November 2009)[edit]

An overall presentation (including political aspect) of GooDiff will be done during Verbindingen/Jonctions 12, the Sunday 29th November 2009 around 15:30 (Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne) .

@hackerspace Brussels (Saturday 28th November 2009)[edit]

  • Saturday 28th November 2009 - from 14:00 until 19:00(?) during ForkFest09

(minimal) structure of the Hackathon[edit]

  • Hacking introduction to GooDiff (a presentation similar to VJ12 but focusing on the technical aspect and issues to monitor documents on Internet).
  • Working on ideas (see below).

Hackathon : ideas[edit]

  • [everyone including non coders] - updating or providing new URLs of legal documents especially for Web 2.0 services --> to be included in the GooDiff providers.xml
  • Can we extract legal text from "Le Moniteur Belge/Belgish Staatsblad" and monitor them? .
  • [coding] - improving back-end support to be independent from Subversion.
  • [coding/visualization] - analysing existing dataset to see the distance between the legal text and trying to visualize them.
  • [everyone]... add your own.


wendy (constant) proposed a Hackathon Sat 28th - Sun 29th of November