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Nanode/Get to know Nanode
Wed 21 Sep 2011 19:30
till Wed 21 Sep 2011 23:30
Nanode soldering
We will solder the batch of received Nanode boards. Program them and maybe play with it a bit... if they work.
HSB Brussels,Belgium

About the Nanode[edit]

Nanode is an open source Arduino-like board that has in-built web connectivity.

Soldering workshop[edit]

Wednesday 21 September evening, we will solder the batch of received Nanode boards. Program them and maybe play with it a bit... if they work.

And.... if you have been fortunate enough to not burn the 3.3 regulator.... you should have a minimal webserver on the IP address.





  • The 3.3 voltage regulator was wrongly indicated on the PCB. (Pascal)
  • Be careful with the values of the condensators
  • The orientation of the LED (longer pin should be on the side external of the PCB)
  • Put some paper/isolation below the Quartz (Pieter)
  • Ferite on the PCB is in fact the 1ohm resistor, the PCB wrongly indicates "Ferite"
  • There are some leftover components: 4 resistors (68 ohm x2, 1.5K x1) and 2 diodes (power limitation for the serial port)
  • Default IP address:
  • Missing 2x3pins for the ICSP header, not delivered in the bag
  • The long header was not soldered in order to avoid short-circuits on a table
  • In order to upload some code, you need the TX,RX,GND,5V,DTR connected to your FTDI chip
  • The Nanode promotes the FTDI brand on their PCB, while they should better write the pinout of each pin

To investigate[edit]

  • Power-over-ethernet, the 7805 chip should do the trick with some homemade POE with 2x2 ethernet wires
  • Hack some Nokia CA42 PL2303 chips with DTR
  • Is it possible to make it work on 3.3v?
  • The MAC address is stored in a small chip pre-soldered on the backside of the PCB?
  • The Microchip Encore ethernet chip seems to overheat with time, seems to consume a lot
  • Ping?
  • ARP?
  • Get the code and the software that was uploaded by Nico
  • Webserver on a different port then 80?
  • Interface an SD card as storage with FAT (max 2GB)?
  • Buttons on the webpage to trigger some events?
  • Webpage that displays the status of an input pin?
  • vUSB?
  • Twitter reader with a decent LCD screen
  • Nokia3310 LCD + buttons
  • Display the temperature
  • Display the voltage (0-5V, or 0-50V with resistors, or +25V -25V)
  • Control relays for 220V power supplies
  • Ping monitoring

Flash with Dealextreme cable clone of Nokia CA42 (PL2303)[edit]

You can get cheaper cables then the FTDI 5V to flash the Nanode. The clone of Nokia CA42 (warning: not all "Nokia CA42" cables are the same) sold at Dealextreme for 3EUR can be easily modified to flash the nanode. You just need to unsolder all the wires connected to the small board, and you will have a VCC (5V), TX, DTR, RX, GND which are enough to program the nanode.

Dealextreme-nokia-ca42-pl2303-pinout.jpg Nanode-pl2303-nokia-ca42.jpg

Group order[edit]

Please note that the order IS NOW CLOSED.

  • nico:3 PAID :-)
  • benjamin:2 PAID DELIVERED
  • lucas:1 PAID
  • wendy:1 PAID DELIVERED
  • sascha:1 PAID DELIVERED
  • meredith:2 PAID DELIVERED
  • jurgen:1 PAID DELIVERED
  • ivo:1 (voidwarranties) PAID DELIVERED
  • dz:2
  • Jobj:2 (voidwarranties) PAID w00000t DELIVERED
  • voidwarranties:1 (to be collected by Jobj or Ivo) PAID DELIVERED
  • Ilias:1 (voidwarranties)
  • Koen (0x20/WVW): 2 PAID DELIVERED
  • Wim (voidwarranties): 2 PAID DELIVERED