General Assembly Process

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we'll use this page as a guideline/outline for the general assembly meetings

Official decisions are taken during the meeting. The meeting is organised at least once a year (a necessity for vzw organisation under .be law).


  • the general assembly meeting is called together by the board, sending all members at least a 10-days notice by email
  • the meeting is _members only_.
  • at least one third of the members have to be present for the meeting to be officially valid
    • voting by proxy is _not allowed
    • being 'present' means being there in person,as we don't have a way/consensus yet how to be present remotely, yet
  • there's a dresscode: get a haircut, shave (if applying), get a bath, wear a suit/evening dress & bring a towel. be ready for serendipity/entropy setting in and wait for the spaceships.

taking decisions[edit]

  • we'll try to make decisions by discussion and consensus.
  • in case a discussion is not getting a consensus, or there is no point in discussing (not actionable, political trolling, etc), then any member can call out to finish the discussion. If the discussion dragged on already for half an hour, it's muted (by forcibly removing loud elements if necessary, by the board)
  • if an outcome is absolutely necessary, and no consensus is reached (see above), the board will exceptionally call for an immediate vote, where a majority of 2/3 of present members, will decide (as defined in the st*tutes). (so probably it won't go anywhere)

As we aim for concensus, and reaching concensus is by definition a dynamic process, we demand your real-time presence, so voting by proxy is NOT allowed.

meeting notes[edit]

  • as this meeting is official, we'll need notes/document.
  • as we don't want to put a burden on any single person, we'll open a collaborative editor (etherpad or alike) at the start of the meeting, and invite everybody to update the text, during the meeting.