General Assembly 3

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General Assembly 3
Tue 28 Jun 2011 19:00
till Tue 28 Jun 2011 23:00
the one tuesday which is members_only
HSB brussels,.be
members only

date is fixed: 28 of june it is, doors open at 19h, meeting starts at 20h

Meeting notes: will be taken on this pad.

this page is here to organize/structure the agenda of the third general assembly of 'hackerspace brussel VZW'.

please add points/ideas/remarks on the agenda hereunder if you want to get them under the attention of the assembly.

deroulement/verloop of the meeting[edit]

please read following page on the course/process of the meeting General Assembly Process.


  • ACK board of members
  • closing-off 2010 financial books needs syn-ack of the assembly (should be ACK'ed in June)
  • current financial status (2011)
  • insurance status (decision needed)
  • status of garage nr.48 dossier (contract?)
  • managing the space
  • varia
    • feel free to add


sent out Thu 16th of June 2011 (within 10-day notice period)

from	pieter.heremans 
to	Open list for Hackerspace Brussels
date	Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 8:10 AM
subject	invitation to general assembly 3 -- Tue 28th of June 2011
ey ppl,
to all effective members of the hackerspace brussels vzw/asbl :

please be invited to our general assembly,
upcoming 28th of June 2011 meeting starts at 20h.

please find up-to-date info and agenda on
(feel free to add info/remarks/varia topics on the wiki)

   * ACK board of members
   * closing-off 2010 financial books ACK
   * current financial status (2011)
   * status of garage nr.48 dossier, make plans
   * insurance status
   * managing the space
         o hsbxl refurbished
         o patterns & rules
         o on organising events -- group discussion


PS1 we need a quorum of 1/3rd of the members to have a valid meeting
(+15 people in current terms)
PS2 voting by proxy is NOT allowed (we demand your real-time presence,
in some form :-)

Meeting Notes[edit]

Present members: Askarel, ptr_, Jurgen, Jobj, Steef, Nico, Sandb, Alex, Raphael, simon, Paul (was bit later)

we have administratively dismembered 12 members which were not paying for the last 6 months. we are now 24 official members -- 1/3 of 24 = 8 members needed for a valid meeting

  • ACK board of association
    • currently: tazo, ptr_, hans, wouter
    • steef and hans are replaced by frederik and michael
    • we will publish these changes in the staatsblad/moniteur belge
  • closing-off 2010 financial books needs syn-ack of the assembly (should be ACK'ed in June)
    • ACK
    • status is healthy
    • we need to file bijlage A, B, and C to the officials (this month) & use them to file our taxes
  • current financial status (2011)
    • current bank status EUR 2165,-
    • upcoming costs
      • 150EUR for publication of new boardmembers
      • 150EUR per month goes to rent
      • netto income of the association is 50EUR/month till now (januari-june 2011) so electricity payment should not be more
      • we want to keep 2000EUR in reserve
      • nxt financial meeting is 20th of August 2011
      • we need to organize MANY MORE workshops (not only for the finances... but also because they're cool!)
  • insurance status (decision needed)
    • no update, ptr_ has power
  • status of garage nr.48 dossier (contract?)
    • we got keys
    • have a look at contract: highlights
      • Art. 2 - uses for IT and technology
      • Art.4 - we have to leave it clean ... but it's not clean now. (city will probably pay for the waste disposal)
      • Art. 5 - 3 month notice to leave the space
      • Art. 6 - you cannot modify the building substantially
      • Art. 8 - we need to allow access in function of possible future works
      • Art. 8 - we have to fix it all ourselves but if we don't, the city needs to fix it
      • Art. 9 - we need to take an insurance
    • everybody is ok we sign this contract
  • managing the space
    • status of hsbxl Refurbished
    • on organising events -- group discussion
      • on the Roundtable_Workshop_Format
      • on the Patterns
  • varia
    • new logo?
      • mix and match, copy-paste, all ok
      • logo needs to be CC-attribution
      • stickerz (+-50EUR)


Notes of the TechTue meeting[edit]

  • Regular agenda points
    • setting a date for a cleanup

- every saturday of coming month ? (clashes with sauerbraten game etc) - there's a big list of needed infrastructure

  • DIY industrial vacuum cleaner (nico)
  • electronic doorlock (askarel)
  • fixing roof of garage -- patching it up (ptr_, alex, pascal, nico)
  • cleaning up garage (ptr_, pascal, nico,paul, alex,jurgen)
  • securing the ditch (basic stuff, going with the cleaning)
  • comparing electricity providers (nuon. electrabel. luminus, lampiris) (pierre does first checks)
  • sibelga must break the seal

try to +- deadline in september and do some opening or something

  • voidcon antwerp (16 july)
    • organize transport on mailinglist
  • CCC camp (10-14 aug)
    • take tickets beforehand!
    • hxx village
    • colored lights
  • electronic components inventory on a tuesdaynight (in 2 or 3 weeks)
    • pool of ppl sorting out IC#'s and searching datasheets
  • cleanup : cu next saturday (2nd of July), sunday (3rd of July)