General Assembly 2

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General Assembly 2
Tue 12 Oct 2010 19:00
till Tue 12 Oct 2010 23:00
the one tuesday which is members_only
HSB brussels,.be
members only

Meeting notes: Can now be found here and where taken on this pad.

this page is here to organize/structure the agenda of the second general assembly of 'hackerspace brussel VZW'.

please add points/ideas/remarks on the agenda hereunder if you want to get them under the attention of the assembly.

deroulement/verloop of the meeting[edit]

please read following page on the course/process of the meeting General Assembly Process.


ACK the notes of previous meeting[edit]

  • where's those notes?

ACK the board of HSBxl[edit]

  • any motion against the board? (it's the only day of the year we won't mind a little mutiny :-)
  • changes in current board ? new board members ?
  • also check if the statutes need any change; discuss `diff statutes_hsbxl statutes_0x20`

financial status[edit]

  • overview and approval of financial balance
  • evaluate: how was money used till now
  • how we manage our money (a rotating financial responsible)
  • membership fee
    • (Membership in Paris is 30Eur/year, in Syn2cat it is 6Eur/Month, in CCC is 72Eur/Year, in HSBXL we are already at 60Eur/year!)
    • If membership in HSBXL does not include space, what does it include/exclude?
      • hsbxl membership should pay for the space yes - and that's it basically, imho (ptr_).

debriefing the past year / varia[edit]

(most of these points were discussed on the past meeting, please add some if you want to raise a discussion on them)

  • clean-up
    • it's going with ups and downs, it will always evolve in ups and downs
    • cleaning up the tables, if you are working on a project: create an empty box, label it and put it on the shelf
  • ranting/trolling on the mailinglist
  • who has keys? how are they used?
    • key policy (who can get one)
    • are they well used
  • setting up events/workshops/...
    • is there enough info?
    • is there a need for these activities ?
  • 'insurance' vs. 'all you do is on your own risk'
    • look to possibilities
    • take a decision in this matter
  • the heating (!!!) :-)
    • nothing is been done till now, high time to start
  • inventory of materials in hsb (what is hsb's, ptr_s,etc)

things to decide[edit]

  • (yes/no)insurance: the decision
  • liability waiver: ppl entering the space should do on their own risk
  • internal regulations : ptr_ wants to add the 'hacker ethics'
  • keys: who has one, do you make well use of them, do we need another key policy?
  • sleeping members (let them sleep/try to wake them/kick them)
  • discuss on the space, how it limits growth HSBXL_ng


  • space travel (hackers on a spaceship?)


  • profit


this email was sent out to all members (Wed 22 Sept 2010)

Subject:	invitation General Assembly of HSB vzw - Tue Oct 12 2010 7:00 PM 


This is the official invitation to all members for the general
assembly of the 'Hackerspace Brussels' VZW.

A valid assembly needs at least 2/3 of the members to be present.
Please do an effort to arrange your agenda ! If you are unable to come
over, please respond to this list, or to

For any questions/remarks: feel free to reply this email, or add them
to the wiki: , before the
start of the meeting.

* When:
Tuesday 12 Oct 2010 at 20u00

* Where:
Hackerspace Brussels

* Who:
All members of HSB.

* About/agenda:
- ACK the notes of previous meeting
- ACK the board of HSBxl
- financial status, ACK the financial overview
- membership: what is it, what is it worth?
- refactoring.  hsb on the move. What could improve HSB? What are your
expectations? How do you see HSB in 1 year, 2 years and 5 years?
- insurance
- etc.

Note: this is a _members_only meeting.  (non-members' output will be
piped through to /dev/null)

Note2: In case you don't consider yourself member any more, please
fill out our form and send it to us (pref before the meeting):

cu all there!
the board (ptr, wouter, hansF, tazo)