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Notes of the meeting unfiltered:

*** General assembly

Members present:
- André
- Wouter
- tazo
- Sandbender
- Erik
- Pieter 
- Nicodache
- Rutger
- Hans 
- Askarel
- Pascal
- Benjamin
- D
- XFlame

Members excused:
- christophe
- benny
- xflame
- ace 

*** Aknowledgement of the board: 
board acknowledged.

*** Financial statutes: 

First 500 euro in account
Now, after investments in T-shirts not much left. 
Finance wiki Page is up to date in regards to general information but the numbers are not updated

Credit card: 
take one on the name of the vzw. Tazo asks for a financial auditor. Rutger agrees to do it.

There are questions about the level of detail that needs to be in the jaarrekening:
Apparently we need a daily journal. A day will be planned to set this up.
Managing financials:
Hans proposed to use a hosting managing php software to manage subscribtions. Tazo is interested. To be checked.

- we are getting more and more financially healthy
- we owe and depend still a lot on _ptr. Thx _ptr!!

*** Internal regulations:

Looking at the rules proposal on the wiki; 
since the statutes mention the rules, we should have them;

- talking is silver, silence is gold, getting of your lazy butt and doing is rare earth -> approved, move to top

- we accept changes -> approved
- yes you can -> add "use common sense" -> approved; 
what about doing something in the name of hxbl -> not part of this rule
- 28 days later -> approved 
- no political trolling 
-> remove "political"? 
-> isn't this an antirule? 
-> remove it, it's too obvious?
-> changed into "be excellent!" -> approved
- don't panic
-> approved

"some older made up stuff":
- merge with rules above?
- kept as a separate list (ship rules), goes on top above philosophic rules when a poster

*** insurance 
vouching away 'all you do here is on your own responsabilitiy' won't hold in court (eg some stuff falling from cupboard etc)

- we should take burgerlijke aanspraakelijkheid for asbl/vzw +  insurance for members 
- we must have fire insurance 
- !! deadline- mid january proposal what are the options: set by Tazo

*** debriefing the past year 

---possible improvements

- heating!: primary target : the window
- clean space
- lights: movable, for soldering

- work on make the space nicer?
- heating improvements? 
  - curtains or something else for the windows
  - to be discussed after this meeting
- cleaning up? 
  -> yes see note on bottom (cleaning up the tables...)
- cosy lighting
  - people that care should go out and buy stuff?
- cable gutters
  - no plastic stuff
  - ??
- switches
  - we have large ones, but they are large and noisy
  - look on ebay for 8-port home user switches -> approved
- curtain for toilet door!! -> approved
- fixing sink in kitchen -> approved
- hoop up dishwasher

=====> BUILD UP HSB => YES
- make a checklist to be used for closing down the space when the last person leaves
  - filling fridge
  - counting the money
  - cleaning the tables
  -> make it very detailed: clean which tables; how to count the money; when is the fridge filled; where is the toilet paper backup?
- who has keys:
  - hans, tazo, pascal, sandbender, wouter, _ptr
  - never hurts to notify by either mail _ptr or put it on the wiki
- organize more workshops
  - easy enough to organise
  - don't over-engineer 
  - Workshop : (work in progress)

- tech tuesdays 
  - hectic
  - not possible to work on projects
  - put more power into Fracknights
  - we want more days

- the f-piano
  - ask the guy to sign a paper that we own it
  - see what happens
  - put on ebay next week
- ownership
  - if you give to hsb, mark it as "hsb" to clearly identify ownership of hsb
  - if we ever have problems e.g. moving, we decide only about unmarked stuff
*** Goals for 2010 ***

- 30+ workshops organised
- +19C winters (heat)
- '''awesome''' lights
- next general meeting of HSB can not take place in voidpointer (because # of members)
- more permanent occupation (!ptr) +1 (_ptr) +1 (andre)
- attract +3 external groups to have regular meetings here (hans)
- improve international relations (XFlame)
- virtualisation server (Pascal)
- organize a summer camp in 2010 (Zoobab)
- amount of members increased to 100 members (benjamin)
- music installation hsb (sandbender)
- better public relations (erik) +1 (andre) +1 (D -> make workshops streamable)
- build a reprap
- more documentation  (wouter)
- world domination
- more people in suite at next general meeting (pascal)
- be able to dress myself fully in hsb swag (tazo)