General Assembly 9

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General Assembly 9
Tue 01 Nov 2016 19:00
till Tue 01 Nov 2016 23:59
General assembly 9
HSBXL Brussels,Belgium

General assembly of hackerspace Brussels[edit]

this Tuesday is _members only_.

the meeting starts at 20h00 CET.

All members are cordially invited by email, even `nice -20`-ely urged to be there. (a valid meeting needs a substantial number of members to be there, voting by proxy is _not allowed)

we won't put occasional non-members/visitors at the door, but they won't be able to intervene in the meeting (so basically, you can sit silently in a corner of the room :-)


2016/11/01 HSBXL - Rue de Manchester 21 (big gray gate near Charleroi Danses, then take the elevator to the 4th floor)


deroulement/verloop of the meeting[edit]

we'll use this page as a guideline/outline for the meeting, please add points on the agenda hereunder if you want to get them under the attention of the meeting


  • the general assembly meeting is called together by the board, sending all members a 10-days notice by email
  • at least one third of the members are to be present

taking decisions[edit]

  • we'll try to make decisions by discussion and consensus.
  • in case a discussion is not getting a consensus, or there is no point in discussing(not actionable, political trolling, etc), any member can launch the egg-timer/countdown clock, which, on take-off will terminate the discussion.
  • if an outcome is absolutely necessary, and no consensus is reached (see above), the board will call for an immediate vote, where a majority of 2/3 of present members (no voting by proxy allowed), will decide (as defined in the st*tutes).
 (as this is just an idea, so up for discussion, we can make it the first point of the agenda?)

meeting notes[edit]

  • as this meeting is official, we'll need notes/document.
  • as we don't want to put a burden on any single person, we'll open a collaborative editor (etherpad or alike) at the start of the meeting, and invite everybody to update the text, during the meeting. (so you don't have to check you're email/read slashdot/procrastinate when not actively discussing :-)
 this text will be the main outcome of the meeting, 
 is printed at the end of the meeting and
 and added to the official documents of our association 
 (hackerspace brussel vzw/asbl).


acknowledgment of the board of HSBxl[edit]

  • presenting the current board,
  • general vote by the meeting if there are changes
  • (is there any changes?)
  • admissions/demissions to board

financial status[edit]

  • overview and approval of financial balance

talking point[edit]

  • meetup acount & PR
  • membershiplist (& police-visit) + lidgeld
  • burgerlijke aansprakelijkheid vzw / gebeurlijke ongevallen
  • overview of past year (projects & events)
  • building evolution (building is getting sold, what is our strategy to new prospective owner - bxl region)
  • upcoming events : congress, bytenight, camp sha2017, auction?
  • date next GA -- april/may?
  • rotation of the board (max 2 terms?)
  • reference addresses given out by the space for digital nomads



wouter Askarel michael hugo anita ooooo ptr betz Nino (remote) jurgen (remote) dennis (remote)

current board presiding the meeting:[edit]

wouter, aska, betz, jean-georges, Ugo

board ACK'ed

financial overview[edit]


- declining membership since 2014 (counting ppl that did at least one payment in the calendar-year) (unique members different membership fees) - 680 euro is total membership income - 650 euro is rent - we have less member paying but they pay more than the members of the years before - members (25), social tarif (15), donation, old members

CONFUSING the LAW > membership[edit]

we decided that members, pay membership fees and have voting writes (but it is in the statutes is not written that members who don't pay are out) you need to pay the last 6 months

>> we make an evaluation of membership after the GA, based on the last incomes


Income excluding bytenight 200+ 2013 was the best year for bruto revenue 2016 is lower, but highe than the years before (byte night is always around 1700)


we spend more than the years before 195 euro


around 3186 euro (soon -1000 : gas costs, rent) = 2088,54€


we have a slight surplus of a couple of euro/month

Remarks: Is it a calendar year?

recurring costs should be payed with recurring income

--> Increase membership fees because the rent + running costs are not covered by membership fees ?
we decide on not doing this, we will have a new GA in february, when the future situation is more clear

ON PAPER board can decide how much is the membership IN REALITY we go for consensus by mailinglist/membership inquiry


OPTION for stay, because the building will be from the Region of Brussels >> gossip about maybe having less rent, PLAN for an other buildig ? NO

  • meetup account

made paying account for PR reasons -- betz managing

  • police visit

generally ok

- use a binded book - insurance papers, statutes, membership list: full name and address for voting members we did the board members + volunteer

TECHNICAL :> formalization on who wants to be listed Inter-Human :> for privacy : Gentleman's Agreement > General Assembly (legal) (moral) legally vote + are identified > WORKING MEMBER (administrative)

           morally vote + non identified > NON WORKING MEMBER 

OR > 3 board members + 4 GA members BOARD: Tom Behets , Frederik, Hugo Voting members: Jurgen, Anita, Wouter simons, Dennis > book: the 7 eve's > protect visibility of the others !

GUIDELINE: let's try to have 1 new person in the board member

civil acountabilty iinsurance[edit]

Tom Will look into this.

-- I guess these last evolutions in our organisation mean, that the GA is open for all who feel concerned with the hackerspace HSBXL.

Tue 1st of Nov 2016 - around 19h (we start meeting at 20h CET) Rue manchester 21 - 1080 molenbeek

decision are by consensus (& common sense) -- acted & noted by the seveneves (the effective assembly of 7)

Agenda: Notes & Comments :

(this email is not commissioned by the hsbxl org, just thought it would be a good idea to invite everyone concerned, close & far)



Activities This Previous Year[edit]

52 techtuesdays, again we've been up & running _every_ tuesday the past year (and the past 7 years...)

2016-10-08: DIY home-automation v1bis -- meetup group, initiated by betz, around home-automation (+- 10 ppl)

2016-09-25: Program Wi-Fi chips with MicroPython -- Ugo's python series, (15 ppl)

2016-09-24: DIY home-automation v1 -- meetup group, initiated by betz, around home-automation (+- 10 ppl)

2016-09-22: Android Testing -- friedger (15ppl), android dev

2016-09-06: Ladder programming & modbus -- betz, published on meetup, 2 ppl interested,but no-show..

2016-08-14: Learn Programming with Python - Aug 2016 -- Ugo's python series, (15 ppl)

2016-07-30: CryptopartyAtBarlok ptr_ and N ; open cryptoparty at barlok(allee du kaai), during their open days, +- 10 ppl

2016-07-29: FRhacknight/1

2016-06 lockpicking (not on wiki)

2016-06-12: Learn Programming with Python - June 2016 -- Ugo's python series, (15 ppl)

2016-06-08: Esp8266-workshop 2 -- no external PR, 3-4 ppl

2016-06-07: Frosted -- daniele & team give a preview on Frosted OS (posix for stm32f4)

2016-05-31: Esp8266-workshop -- no external PR, 3-4 ppl

2016-03-24: Intro programming

2016-03-08: Lets Discover -- betz, resulted in ptt.hackerspace.

2016-03-06: LoRaWAN Hands-on -- ward gives really nice presentation on

2016-02-23: Git party/1 2016-02-16: Git party

2016-01-30 - 2016-01-31: Fosdem 2016

2016-01-30 - 2016-01-31: Bytenight (2016) -- success, but overcrowded...

2016-01-17: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - crash course -- jurgen - screening HGTG

2015-12-27 - 2015-12-30: 32c3 2015-12-27 - 2015-12-30: 32C3 streaming at the space

2015-12-08: Workshop Logic analysers -- betz & zoobab -- having a look at LIN protocol

2015-11-10 - 2015-11-11: Opening HSBXL v4 -- funny GIF animations, t-shirts, drinks, talks

2015-10-25: Intro to Raspberry pi -- wouter teaching rpi 101

--- safety at bytenight --