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Thanks to the city of Schaarbeek[edit]

Garage interior nr48.jpg

more news on the dossier: 22nd of June 2011

contact persons with city are ptr_ and askarel

  • the city council meets Wed 22nd of June 2011, ptr_ plans to go there

ordre du jour conseil communal schaarbeek

  • city council gives us the ok (22nd of June 2011)
  • city surveyer comes over and hands out the keys (28th of June 2011)

Project clean-up[edit]

Ptr_ puts out the garbage bags & paper for the city (spread over a few weeks) Someone is needed to bring some junk (wood - iton - junk bags)

  • please make arrangments with Ptr_

Opening hours containerpark:

  • Mon: 14h30 - 19h45
  • Tue: 9h00 - 19h45
  • Wed: 9h00 - 19h45
  • Thu: 9h00 - 19h45
  • Fri: 9h00 - 19h45
  • Sat: 9h00 - 15h45

Phase 1: Fri/Sat. July 1st-2nd[edit]

  • Dust & Junk


  • Cleanup-1.jpg Cleanup-2.jpg Cleanup-3.jpg
  • Cleanup-4.jpg Cleanup-5.jpg Cleanup-6.jpg

Phase 2: Sat. July 9th[edit]

  • Reserve one or two square meters in a corner to store empty crates -> free up space in the kitchen
  • Remove moulded gyproc
  • Trip to container park
  • have a look at state of the roof


  • electric viseuse

Phase 3: Sat. July 30th[edit]

(July 16: Voidcon - July 23: HackSacre)

  • Paint the walls (creativity required, talent isn't)
    • Well use the beamer to put some great patterns on the wall!
  • Bring stuff to containerpark.


  • car (with remorque) or camionette
  • old leftovers of paint, paintbrush, roller

Getting Electric Power[edit]

Wouter made a dossier at Electrabel :

  • we have a contract for a year, but that only means we can't change supplier for the first year.
  • we'll start with monthly prepayment of 50EUR, but the suggestion is correcting that figure once the first few months of usage are in.
  • they can come over next week and connect the power, if we make an appointment with Sibelga (025494100).

alex will follow this up and make appointment