FrHackNight 31

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FrHackNight 31
Fri 18 Jan 2013 19:30
till Fri 18 Jan 2013 6:00
FrHackNight 31 - HSBXL goes LIVE !
Let's try o improve our network/internet tools !
HSB Brussels,Belgium
ZipionLive, Nico, Askarel

A major FrHackNight is scheduled for this friday, around a big and critical project : to finally give HSBXL a presence on the web, in addition to our cool but not-noob-friendly wiki system. We plan to use a blog system (probably WordPress) and open atrium, maybe along with a web based mpd client and other nice stuff to help us keep the space organized (member management ?).

Every motivated participant would, of course, be most welcome !

To sum things up, we want to build a prototype setup with an internet side comprising: - a WordPress website welcoming visitors as the frontpage - a wiki And an intranet side with: - OpenAtrium - ... Tons of good stuff (not within the scope of this FrHack)

Some examples of what Nico had in mind: