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  • Rent the space from ptr_: €300/month (electricity, water, heating included)
    • Vision of ptr_: the renting-costs: for me it is a very dynamic thing : i would like having 300EUR for rent but only if the space is really in use (like 7/7: which also means there's a lot of people using the space _or a handfull of people coming over really often, which i guess wouldn't mind doing a bigger donation) -- if we don't have sufficient income from members, the association doesn't pay the full rent, i can live with that.
  • ADSL: €35/month (€29,95 adsl + €5 raw copper)
 TOTAL: €335/month


  • €10/month from members:
    • current # of paying members: 25
  • income from drinks
  • events organized by non-members: please submit donation in the jar (target price €10)

What happens with the money[edit]

  • membership fee -> rent
  • extra membership fee -> play/invest money
  • income from drinks -> internet connection
  • remainder income from drinks-> play/invest money
  • events -> play/invest money


If you have an open bill for HSB (you advanced some money to hsbxl to buy something, and want to be paid back), fill in an expense note -- more info at ExpenseForm and hand it over to the financial-responsible (check the mailinglist or the books-better-be-balanced meetups for up to date info).