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The expense form was created to facilitate members entering bills for purchase made for hsbxl, and for hsbxl to track bills and their payment status, as well as getting hold of the real bill (required by law). (this form is a shameless copy of 0x20's - hs gent)

How to enter an expense[edit]

You need to fill in the following fields:

Field Required Content
Member name: Your member name, e.g. "cookiemonster", goal is to remember who should be paid. You can use your real name if you want.
Date Entered: The date you enter this expense.
Description: A (short) desc download it hereription, so that people would be able next year to derive what this cost was about.
Amount: The total amount of the expense
Signature member: Your signature, certifying you are responsible for making this cost.

and make sure the expense note is back in the map when you are done.

Where can I find one[edit]

If you can find empty expense notes in the box, download it (Media:hsbxl-expense-note.odt or Media:hsbxl-expense-note.pdf), print some more and add them to the folder, or contact the financial responsible.

How to pay for an expense when you are financially responsible[edit]

When you are the financial responsible;

And when you find or know there are payments to be made (expense forms in map with payment (gray) part not filled in);

you'll pay them and fill in the following fields:

Field Required Content
Paid: Check if paid
Pay date: The date on which the payment was done
Payed from: The origin/source of payment, e.g. "cash" or "whitespace bank account"
Payed to: The target of the payment, optionally with the account number of the target added e.g. "SubZer0 000-0000000-00"
Financial responsible: Your name, should be the name of the person that did the payment, usually, but not necessarily the current financial responsible.
Signature financial responsible: Signature