Etching Lab

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Etching Lab
Etching lab
Burn PCB Burn !

Done :

  • I have the kickstarting chemicals

To Do:

  • Find a sustainable & killable laser printer (ie.with cheap toner that won't stop beeing available in short term, cheap to replace if laser rolls get killed by the kaolin in the magazine paper glazing), hsbxl laser printed usable for this ?
  • Find a working clothe iron (1)
  • Find a working aquarium air pump (1)
  • Find an HDPE bucket with a lid (2)
  • Find a suitable gaz extraction system, is the tube in the small are that have been discussed (1st floor) to house the etching lab connected to aeration or to the vaccum cleaning system ? if yes : flexible tube + computer fan siliconed to the lid ?
  • make the safety posters, can jurgen validate that they are ok ?

Nice to have :

  • find a double sided heating rolling press (ie. plastification apparel) to enable for double sided circuit etching.
  • reflow oven : space's ex pizza-oven usable ? if yes teamup with somebody with experience in ~220v for the control board

(1)(will go to the flea market tomorrow : 11/08/2013 )

(2) i saw a shop selling lotsa industrial plastic buckets/container in the commercial zoning behind "gare du midi" while coming back from charleroi's airport but can't find it back on the internet, is somebody cruising through there regularly ? somebody have leads/clues ? Yes, it's Plastic Bara :