Electricity/The Garage

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Electricity/The Garage
Electricity: wiring & lighting
get those electrons moving!

Current consumption[edit]

The meter was opened on 2011-10-18, there was 49538 kWh on the meter On 2012-03-28, there was 51231 kWh. We burned 1693 kWh.


  • We have a master kill switch (contactor) for all the power sockets in the space. Only the garage door opener, The Gate and the fridge are allowed to be permanently on.
  • More sockets on the 50 wall: this side is done.
  • The mill is hooked up.
  • Sections 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 lighting is done.
  • Hand-made schematics and plan of the space (legal requirement) ned to be re-done in a clean way once the installation is done.
  • Outside sign is hooked up


  • Finish lighting rebuild of section 4
  • More power sockets on the 46 wall and some drops from the ceiling !!
  • Ambient lights in the lounge area.
  • Replace broken tubes
  • Install relay board
  • Fix the wiring in the storage room in the back: connect all grounds
  • Re-do the garage door opener wiring: CAT5 is enough.

Material needed[edit]

Donations welcome

  • OBO fasteners 16-24mm
  • screws+6mm plugs
  • junction boxes (preferably the ones with a plate with 5 metal binding posts inside)
  • Fluorescent light fixtures (36 or 58W)
  • Power sockets: scrounge on the flea market !!

Fuse list[edit]

  1. Mill (3x20A)
  2. Back office/storage (2x20A)
  3. Wall 46 front and ceiling drops (2x20A)
  4. Wall 50 (2x20A)
  5. Wall 46 back (2x20A)
  6. (free for the future)
  7. (free for the future)
  8. (free for the future)
  9. Kill switch relay (controlled from circuit 13)
  10. Main differential Δ300 mA
  11. Lights, sections 5 and 6 (back) (2x16A)
  12. Lights, sections 2, 3 and 4 (middle) (2x16A)
  13. Permanent circuit: network cabinet, fridge, garage door opener and kill switch (2x20A)
  14. Lights, sections 1, toilet and control circuit for the sign (2x16A)
  15. Outside sign (2x16A)