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New doorlock for the space
Yet another security device
askarel, you ?
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the lock just died, so we'll need an electronic doorlock...

keep old lock for now[edit]

A good professional locksmith can make a lock for an existing key. He just modifies the pins in another lock of the same type for the key to work. This way you don't have to throw away all the existing keys. It's a typical problem, it happens a lot.

possible 'keys'[edit]

(alfa)numeric code in yr brain - need one finger to type[edit]

  • cheap

(+) cheap (-) copyable

usb thumbdrives seem to have unique id (see the pamusb project)[edit]

the 'unique id' is a combination of:

  • usb-vendor/device code
  • serial number?
  • UUID of filesystem on the mass-storage device

(+) cheap (-) copyable

  • not really, you have to copy the vendor, product, serial number and UUID, which is not something you can do very easily
  • i think copying should be doable with a programmable usb controller (eg arduino uno) calls for a proof of concept - arduino uno anybody ?


I've always been dreaming of having a Yubikey (with RFID - MIFARE compatible) - they could be used for all kinds of stuff once we have them... (and they can easily be revoked if someone ever decides to quit the HSBXL - or severely abuses the space)

For the programmers out there, have a look at this page:

Pricing is $35 for one stick ... $300 for 10 sticks, 50 sticks go for $1.000 I think we can get enough interested people (possibly the other hackerspaces) to get 50 of them...

As we have quite a few Arduino hackers on the premises... maybe it could be combined with a MIFARE module (f.e. SL018): (price: $18 for 1 - $145 for 10)

A way it can be done:

rfid thingies[edit]

lock actuator[edit]


  • DIY hackaday link youtube link
  • there is an electromagnet usable as doorlock - if i can't find anything else on fleemarket today i'll mount this
    • Add a battery on the circuit just in case

Current status:[edit]

Lock installed.jpg Lock Test Circuit.JPG

  • Mechanical part is installed and working
  • Build definitive stepper motor controller
  • No real need for battery backup -> board members get the physical key as mechanical backup
  • Moar pictures