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 obsoleted after our new Network configuration...

Dump your packets here !
tazo, ptr_

What ?[edit]

  • Serverrroom above the toilet as inspired from the DatenKlo at Chaos Communication Camp..

Why ?[edit]

  • Because we can :-)
  • no noise pollution and warm in the winter

Build 444Up[edit]

  • It's all done! Thx P., H., W., A., P., T.!


The servers on there need to have:

  • a fixed ip (dhcp range starts from 50, scan for a free one and add here)
  • enable wake on lan(WOL) in the BIOS
  • enable Auto Power On in the BIOS (we noticed most networkcards don't react on wol if the power has been cut...)

Servers currently in place:[edit] appelblauwzeegroen FreeBSD 8.0   00:30:05:25:B2:F5  man-ip: gitorious          Ubuntu 8.04   00:08:02:C8:56:1F  man-ip: openwrt            Openwrt       00:0F:66:C8:AC:DB  man-ip:

You can use the wakeonlan package on Linux to boot the servers:
"wakeonlan - Sends 'magic packets' to wake-on-LAN enabled ethernet adapters"

$ wakeonlan 00:30:05:25:B2:F5

config above has been deprecated

we got new material in (donation via zoobab's):

  • P4 2.4Ghz, dual processor - 3GB RAM (HP DL380 G3 - 2U)
  • P4 3.0Ghz - 4GB RAM (HP DL380 G3 - 2U)
  • P4 3.0Ghz - 1GB RAM (supermicro - 1U)

Remote access:[edit]

OpenWRT upfront, accessible from the internet, authentication only via key authentication. Want remote access? Ask Tazo to put your key in place. openwrt

WakeOnLan client -> wol

$ wol 00:30:05:25:B2:F5

Local access:[edit]

X donated an 8-port KVM. We tested it, still works.

Todo: Install a monitor, keyboard and mouse above the datarack.