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CCC2011 outpost
Mon 26 Dec 2011 20:00
till Fri 30 Dec 2011 0:00
CCC 2011 outpost
Behind Enemy Lines
HSB Brussels,Belgium

We are an outpost of CCC 2011 'Behind Enemy Lines' during the conf the space stays open, with live streaming of conf talks / goodies / f00d (we need our currywurst snacks & accompanying club-mate :-)

who ?[edit]

who's in? (indicate dates, time, if you have a key)

nick + has_key 26 27 28 29 30 key comment
set up day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 hsbxl whatever
ptr_ (has key) 14h00 17h00 17h00 17h00 17h00 yes checking with my boss to have these days off
agnez no nerd left behind (no one was there..) / ah dmn,pitty, we moved next-doors! (garage-door nr.48) yes probably not probably no very interested do come, have to check when it's possible/interesting for me
askarel (has key) afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon yes On holiday starting from 2011-12-23 until 2011-12-30, i have various things to do in the space (electricity, hanging stuff, streamer machine, maybe hanging the projector)
Juliane (has key) if needed - afternoon ? [1] 14h ? or just the slides at home [2] try to be there for the oxcars - not yet yes mainly for the key notes, politics ...- or give a hand to the space
Jurgen (has key) probably probably not probably nope yes yes Please don't depend on me for opening, my daughter may change my priorities at all times.

what's on? (what streams will we watch on the beamer?)
agnez says: I mark the things I'm interested in here below, don't mean to impose anything ;)

date time topic language who's interested? (add your nick here)
27/12 18:30 [The coming war on general computation] English Juliane, agnez
20:30 [What is in a name? - Identity-Regimes from 1500 to the 2000s] English agnez
21:45 [Defending mobile phones] English agnez
28/12 13:15 [Don't scan, just ask] English agnez, Jurgen
14:30 [A Brief History of Plutocracy] English Juliane, Jurgen
16:00 [Mining your geotags: am I violating your privacy?] English agnez
17:15 [Counterlobbying the European Parliament] English agnez
21:45 [Apple vs. Google Client Platforms - How you end up being the Victim] English agnez
29/12 17:15 [The best of The oXcars] English agnez
30/12 11:30 [Resilience Towards Leaking or Why Julian Assange Might Be Wrong After All] English agnez
12:45 [From Press Freedom to the Freedom of information] English agnez
14:00 [The engineering part of social engineering] English Jurgen
16:00 [Smart Hacking For Privacy] English Jurgen
17:15 [Changing techno-optimists by shaking up the bureaucrats] English agnez