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Books for our library[edit]

searching these books[edit]

if you got this book, maybe you are willing to lend it out ?

  • 'silence on the wire' (tazo and ptr_ are interested)[link]
  • 'computer lib/dream machine' by ted nelson[link]
  • The Hacker Ethic, by Pekka Himanen (Author), Manuel Castells (Epilogue), Linus Torvalds


we recently got these in[edit]

  • lua programming gems (mainly the chapter on 'lua as protocol language' by p.rapin) contact [amaz link]
  • 'hackers,heroes of the computer revolution' by steven levy [amaz'link]

books to buy[edit]

propose some books here HSB should buy (because of their content, or by buying we support a good software dev team)

  • nmap book
  • wireshark book

buy some books[edit]

If you can't find the book you are looking for, check out these sources for cheep books:

  • AbeBooks is a market place for used books from around the world. Especially US-based sellers often sell older (>4 years) computer books for very low prices 1–5$ + shipping.
    • Please list stores here that have good shipping terms and where you have made good experiences:

lended out ftm[edit]


The Code Book (is back at the space)

Author: Simon Singh Publisher Fourth Estate ISBN: 978-1857028799 Language: English Year: September 1999 Pages: 416 pp (first edition)


Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization (Leonardo Books) (is gone again -> Wendy)

Author: Alexander R. Galloway Publisher: MIT -Leonardo Books ISBN: 978-0-262-07247-2 Language: English Year: 2004 Pages:


Formal Knot Theory (is back at the space)

Author: H. Kauffman Publisher: Dover Pubns ISBN: 9780486450520 Language: English Year: 2006 Pages: 272 pp.

Version control with Git (who got it ?)

Intelligent data analysis (who got it?)

Invention by design (who got it ?)

From geometry to topology (User:Utopiah)

Learning OpenCV (User:Utopiah)