Blender Workshop 03

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Blender Workshop 03
Fri 20 Apr 2012 20:00
till Sat 21 Apr 2012 0:00
Blender Workshop #03
An initiation to 3D designing on Blender
HSB Brussels,Belgium

The goal of this workshop is to learn the basics of 3D designing, but also to make use of blender's built in game dev engine, and python scripting as well.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : As many people couldn't make it on the 23rd nor on the 30th of March, we'll have a third initiation for those who begin from scratch.

Here's a sample of what we did on session 1 :

render of my chair render of Patrick's chair

And some meshes I made today while fooling around with textures, transparency and refraction (done after only two days of practice, so cheer up : blender is really EASY to learn !) :

render showing transparency and refraction of light another render with transparency

render showing textures and normal mapping

Those who already came at the first workshop are welcome anyway. I'll prepare some material editing & texturing challenges for you ! Also bring your own meshes for further fun and learning.