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Wed 16 Mar 2011 14:00
till Sun 20 Mar 2011 22:00
Battlemesh version 4
_the battle of the mesh
Sant Bartomeu del Grau near Barcelona, Catalunia,Spain
HSB, e.a.

the battle of the mesh[edit]

since beginning 2009 some ppl from /tmp/lab/ (paris, FR) and some peeps from hsbxl started organising "the wireless battle mesh" -- a meetup of community network enthusiasts and embedded wireless system developers to test the performance of OpenWRT and some routing mesh protocols -- the first installment taking place in paris (at /tmp/lab) and a second in brussels (Wbm2009v2). The previous edition took place last summer in Roma, Italy, organized by Ninux & fusolab battlemesh v3.

a battle?[edit]

During one week we will be configuring and testing several mesh routing protocols. We setup a test-network with all the devices we can find (for the moment 90+ nodes, a mix of several platforms). Multiple tests are executed during this week, and the results get published along with the configurations, on the events' website

To keep a bit of suspense we elect a prize for the routing-protocol who performed the best -- So may the best routing protocol win ! (Of course the losers will tell this tournament is just a game/excuse to develop, test, document and publish the best possible configurations)

New this year is be a schedule of talks & presentations by developers and community-network enthusiasts (GUIFI, freifunk, ea.).


This event takes place from 16th-20th of March. We are all invited by the GUIFI community, who have setup a community network of 1000+ nodes in the past years in the mountaineous area around Barcelona.

who's in for a road-trip to barcelona?[edit]

ptr_ will drive by van, starting from brussels around 6t of March, pass by Paris -- /tmp/lab has most of the hardware so we'll fetch it there and stay over for a visit of Paris' hackers & spaces -- and go on with the trip travelling/sight-seeing a bit Perpignan, Girona, Zaragozza, Barcelona...


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