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  • Description: It's a huge warehouse, with a well insulated office space about half the size of the current hackerspace. Full of potential. Would be nice to have, but maybe in about 5-7 years, when we have more members (>70). To this day (2012-06-13), the place is still for rent. Contact:
  • Address: Rue Leopold 378, Jette
  • Follow-up by askarel
Criteria Grade Comment
Public transport Tram 51 (woeste), Bus 49 (woeste), bus 88 (woeste) nearby. Tram 19 and bus 14/15 within reasonable walking distance. Metro stations Belgica and/or Simonis are the closest ones.
Bike access yes
Car access yes
Parking space yes There is space inside for a few cars !!
Atelier / workshop fits well yes There is a big sink near the toilets. No kitchen.
Rent 3500 €/month Possibility to negociate, 3 months rent as guarantee.
Lease 0 year(s) ask
24/7 access yes There is a front door, a grill, and a second garage door for the space. Three different keys needed
Surface size 1000 m²
Toilet yes There are two toilets
Water yes shared with the dance school
Electricity Yes There is a high voltage cabin. 3x400V+N 160A
Internet yes
Roof access yes Need a big ladder
Floor 0

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