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  • Description: a house in stjosse
  • Address: molenstraat 40 / 40, rue du moulin, st-josse
  • Follow-up by ptr_
Criteria Grade Comment
Public transport 4 close to botanique (tram,metro)
Bike access yes
Car access yes it's difficult
Parking space no practically undoable
Atelier / workshop fits well
Rent 0 €/month
Lease 1 year(s)
24/7 access yes
Surface size 200 m²
Toilet yes
Water yes
Electricity yes
Internet yes
Roof access yes
Floor 0

<img src=""/>,+Sint-Joost-ten-Node,+Belgi%C3%AB&hl=nl&ie=UTF8&ll=50.855979,4.37008&spn=0.005452,0.009645&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=55.323926,79.013672&oq=rue+du+mou&t=h&hnear=Molenstraat+40,+1210+Sint-Joost-ten-Node,+Brussel,+Belgi%C3%AB&z=17

will visit the house next tue 12th of June 2012 -- rendez-vous is at evere (local collective bike repair -- Rue du tilleul près de la Chaussée d'Haecht) at 18h30 -- around 19h30 will have a look at the house -- if you want to join, take yr bike !


how much $$$? realistic budget for it thinks to do on it time to stay there contract proposal

priority issues to solve:

pros: big

contras: location.? parking.

there is boiler.

[roofing,, water isolation(fix infiltrations)/contruction, electricity (complete), heating]