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printing projects[edit]

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Alyx. The digitized flightcase library[edit]

Alyx is an acronym for Alexandria. Famous for harboring its knowledge this name is a tribute to what aims to be a flightcase computer able to store and serve its own files. Alyx 1.0 was made in summer 2012. This project aims to provide standardized 3d prints to build up your own PC case.


  • Harddrive caddy. Currently has room for 2 3.5 inch drives and 1 2.5 inch drive/SSD.

Hdd caddy.png

  • Motherboard mount model
  • ATX power supply model
  • Hardware and flightcase purchase
  • Schematics


  • Printing
  • assembly
  • Software choice (not just an ftp. Sidenote, test setup has debian)
  • integrate networking
  • ...


the hdd caddy can be found here: https://mega.co.nz/#!eIJyFLhR!KADkH0UImyWwe36icyyGOFdrll-dZjk-tZvt5prxmGE

Foldarap 1.1[edit]

Printing a Foldarap 1.1 "p2p edition"


done :

Foot Rear Left and Right

IMG 1523-web-foldarap-rear.jpg


the rest ... (~ 20h of print - <400gr of plastic)