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As 3D printing takes a lot of time, it has become an issue on how to spend your time while a 3D printing project is ongoing. Several options on how to spend your time, are discussed here...

  • Option 1: Watch some (data) porn
  • Option 2: Engage in some social media activities
  • Option 3: Create or update some wiki pages
  • Option 4: Make a video of your item getting printed
  • Option 5: Clean up the mess you made
  • Option 6: Clean up a random piece of the hackerspace

Option 1[edit]

While engaging in the first option, it might be wise to designate yourself some private space, as you don't want to have others invade in this activity. Especially if you combine the act of viewing with physical relief, it is advisable to announce a request for privacy (RFP) on the mailinglist. If you decide to engage in this option, please continue to option 5...

Option 2[edit]

According to some, having a 3D printed object gives a person bragging rights. If you engage in social media about 3D printing, please bear in mind people will be wondering if you forgot to announce a RFP while printing (see option 1)...

Option 3[edit]

A wiki of beauty is a joy for ever. Please update the wiki with all possible insights you achieve during 3D printing (f.e. create a chapter on what to do during 3D printing). If your information appears useful to members or hackers worldwide, gratitude will be yours.

Option 4[edit]

Stupid activity - it blocks your ability to do anything else and is really exhausting. If you really want to do this, hack together a stand to place your camera/smartphone on and forward to option 6.

Option 5[edit]

If every member would be engaging in this option for every act they did (including drinking, eating, smoking and walking over the floor), option 6 would no longer be available. In this case you would be forced to augment the space and work out new projects...

Option 6[edit]

If your nose and/or eyes are triggered by environmental factors inside the hackerspace, it might be a good idea to remove the source of this trigger. Some options are:

  • clean a floor (incl. stairway)
  • clean the toilet
  • clean the kitchen
  • wash the dishes
  • collect the trash
  • wash the windows
  • feed the unicorns