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28th Chaos Communication Congress

December xxth to xxth, 2011

Berlin, Germany

[Group ticket presale reservation]


Nick Car Appartment Comments Arrival Departure
- Will drive Yes - - -

appartment hunt[edit]


  • There might be an appartment. Ask around and get lucky.

what's happening in the space?[edit]

Not all ppl go to berlin!

What's the plans?

things to take[edit]

  • powerplugs
  • switches
  • cables
  • accesspoint to have internet everywhere
  • Wandering Star


Car will be shared cost (Benzine)

To Berlin:

  • Departure: from Brussels-Belgium
  -Seat 1: 
  -Seat 2: 

From Berlin

  • Departure: at around to Brussels-Belgium
  -Seat 1:
  -Seat 2:


just some background information about the sticker you need in Berlin and other German cities if you go there by car:

and here do you get them (could not find an English page with that info):