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Sun 27 Dec 2009 0:00
till Wed 30 Dec 2009 0:00
CCC conference 2009
Here Be Dragons
BCC Berlin,Germany
Hsb peeps

26C3: Here Be Dragons 26th Chaos Communication Congress December 27th to 30th, 2009 Berlin, Germany



Nick Car Appartment Comments Arrival Departure
Hans Drive with Xflame Yes / Confirmed Sure to come 26/12 29/12
Zitzie Drive with Xflame Yes / Confirmed Sure to come 26/12 29/12
Xflame 1 seat available Yes / Confirmed Sure to come 26/12 30/12
Ptr_ Seat needed Yes / Confirmed 100% sure! ~26/12 till after newyear probably
Sandbender Seat needed Yes / Confirmed 100% sure!  ???  ???
fs111 coming from Germany Yes / Confirmed 100% sure! 26th evening, arrive around 9pm in Berlin 30/12
Tazo Seat needed or by train Yes / Confirmed Confirmed!  ??  ??
Low012 No, will travel from Germany by train No sure 28/12 30/12
ace 2 seats available Yes / Confirmed Sure 26/12 30/12
Lanfire No, will travel by airplane Yes / Confirmed whoami: BruCON presentation room CPU (system33) 26/12 31/12
Bkay No, will travel by airplane No Sure to come 26/12 31/12


We need at least two cars this year!

  • Contact Xflame for details of car number 1
  • Contact Ace for details of car number 2

Both cars will be shared cost (Benzine + Sticker) [Estimation 80Eur/traject/number of person in the car)

To Berlin:

  • Car number 1 (Departure: 26/12 Fixed, between around 14h and 16h from Brussels)
  -Seat 1: Hans
  -Seat 2: Zitzie
  -Seat 3:
  • Car number 2 (Departure:26/12 12h00 from HSB)
  -Seat 1: Ilja Van Sprundel
  -Seat 2: ptr_
  -Seat 3:

From Berlin

  • Car number 1 (Departure: 30/12 at around 19h to Brussels)
  -Seat 1: Hans
  -Seat 2: Zitzie
  -Seat 3: Sandb
  • Car number 2 (Departure: 30/12 at 16h00 to HSB)
  -Seat 1: Ilja Van Sprundel
  -Seat 2:
  -Seat 3:

there are 2 spaces left in the /tmp/van, going from paris -- i asked if it is possible to drive by bxl (ptr_)


Hans has booked accommodation No. 1063 from Dec 26, 2009 to Dec 30, 2009 in Berlin: up to 8 ppl, 800 meters from the event. It's sorta full, so contact Hans directly if you want a place to sleep.

  • Arrival of Hans @ appt. (keys): Dec 26 +/- 23:00h
  • Depart (gtfo): Dec 30 +/- 10:00h

Sleeping arrangements[edit]

  • Hans & Zitzie : 1 bedroom with a double bed
  • Sandbender & fs111 : 1 bedroom with 2 single beds
  • ace & xflame : 1 bedroom with 2 single beds
  • Lanfire (Peter) : Sofa 1
  • ptr_ : Sofa 2
  • Tazo: on the whole wide floor. And PLEASE don't step on my bed ;-)

h: Cool, I know all peeps here. will give them updates directly by email.

Contact details, (Base64 so the landlord won't find his details here via google): Rm9yIGFsbCBmdXJ0aGVyIGluZm9ybWF0aW9ucyBhYm91dCB0aGlzIGJvb2tpbmcsDQphcyBrZXkgaGFuZG92ZXIsIGFycml2YWwgdGltZSwgZWcuLCBwbGVhc2UgY29udGFjdA0KSGVyciBXb2xmZ2FuZyBTY2hsb2Vzc2VyLCBUZWwuICs0OSAoMCkzMCAtIDMyNiAwMiAxMzQgb3IgKzQ5ICgwKTE3MiAtIDUyMSA3MSA1MCwNCkVtYWlsOiBmZXJpZW53b2hudW5nLmJlcmxpbkBtYWMuY29t


  • yey great -- have we got line of sight to setup a good wireless link to the venue ? 700 m , we're on the 7th floor, and have got a balcony
    • hm, probably not - there's some big ass building in between our stay and the bcc gmap
    • but we can always try -- take a yagi or panel antenna lingering around at hsb and point it to the UFO


just some background information about the sticker you need in Berlin and other German cities if you go there by car:

and here do you get them (could not find an English page with that info):